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With BullionBox, precious bullion has never been easier to collect. We’ll deliver your choice of assets to your door every single month, you won’t have to lift a finger.



GMRGold is our mother company, we have access to their wide range of precious metals. We source only the most valuable and purest metals. Gold, silver, platinum or copper, we can find everything you need.

The GMRGold experts have decades of combined experience, you’ll struggle to find anyone else more qualified to guide you.

Let Us Guide You

There are so many different ways you can kickstart your bullion collecting journey. We can help guide you through choosing what kind of bullion you want and how diverse you want your collection to be. 

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Our sign-up process is as simple and straightforward as possible.

Diverse Collection

We have hundreds of items to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Guaranteed Quality

We source only the purest and highest-quality bullion on the market.

Accessible to All

No matter what your goal or budget is, we have something for you.

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot

Helping You Make the Best Decisions

Deciding what kind of bullion to buy can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many options and variables to consider. We’ll help you get the most out of the money you put in.

Outstanding Service

We pride ourselves on offering an unmatched customer experience that you can’t get from anyone else in the industry. You can rely on us.

Expert Curation

Your box is designed to be as unique as you are, the bullion we choose for your box has been carefully selected just for you.

Great Value

You work hard for your money and you need to be sure that you spend it wisely. We’re here to guide you so that you make the best decisions.

How Does it Work?

Building a collection of precious bullion can be daunting when you try to do it all by yourself. Our goal is to make collecting bullion as simple and easy as possible.



Choose Your Subscription

Choose the tier that works for you.

Choose what works for you, our subscription levels are Starter at $69 p/m, Premiere at $149 p/m, Seasoned at $279 p/m, and Distinguished at $550 p/m.


We’ll Build Your Box

We’ll expertly curate your box.

Our premium subscription boxes are masterfully built by our expert team. We source only the highest-quality bars to add to your growing collection.


Delivery Straight to Your Door

Enjoy your delivery.

Every month you’ll receive your BullionBox delivered to your door. Build your collection of secure assets overtime with us!

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Our goal is to help you diversify your portfolio and strengthen your holdings. 

Bullion is our specialty, we’ll build a custom box just for you filled with the highest-quality precious assets on the market.

What we do


You will always come first, customer experience is important to us. We’re here to help you.


All of our precious assets are checked for quality, your box will be carefully curated.


We have a variety of bullion, you’ll build a diverse collection in no time.


With a variety of bullion, you’ll have access to new and exciting marketplaces.

What we don't do


We don’t create generic boxes, we curate your subscription to meet your needs.


We don’t overcomplicate our processes, complete your sign-up in just a few minutes.


We’ll never guide you in the wrong direction, our experts are leaders in the industry.


We don’t trap you, you’re free to cancel your monthly plan whenever you’d like to.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits to owning and collecting bullion, one of which is that live assets are physical holdings of wealth. 

The more diverse your collection is, the more opportunities you have for trading. We can help you build a strong and diverse inventory.

Shipping is calculated differently depending on the subscription box of your choice.

Our higher-tier subscriptions are shipped free of charge. This feature means that there are no shipping fees included in the calculation of the final price at check-out. There will be no additional costs either.

There are no hidden fees, handling costs, and other add-ons. What you see in our menus and options are what you will pay for while checking out.

Yes, you can start a BullionBox, whenever you want to. Just choose a product, the tier you want from our menu and sign up for a subscription.

If you’re on a monthly plan, you can also upgrade or downgrade a tier at any point.

We have a variety of bullion subscriptions for you to choose from. Pick an annual or monthly payment plan, complete your purchase and your boxes will be delivered straight to your door.