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Precious Metal Subscription Box

Think Inside The BullionBox

Your Premium Precious Metal Subscription Box

At BullionBox, our goal is to enrich your investment journey and pave the way to a prosperous financial future. Our premium precious metal subscription boxes simplify the process of expanding your tangible asset portfolio, offering a curated selection of bullion in gold, silver, platinum, and more, delivered directly to your doorstep.


Partner with GMRGold

GMRGold, our parent company, provides us with access to an extensive array of precious metals. We source only the purest and most valuable metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and copper, ensuring you find exactly what you’re looking for.

With decades of combined experience, the experts at GMRGold are among the most qualified to guide your investment decisions.

Kick Start Your Future with a Precious Metals Subscription

Investing in precious metals is an excellent strategy to diversify your portfolio and steadily increase your net worth through tangible assets month-over-month.

We are fully prepared to guide you in launching your investment endeavors. Our goal is to make this process as straightforward and accessible as possible. Are you ready to begin?

Save Time

BullionBox is a recurring investment on auto-pilot always building net worth.

Budget Conscious?

For as little as $59, you can start your investment journey today!

Gold & Silver Coins

Discover the allure of gold and silver coins, the timeless choice for savvy investors. Let us guide you.

No Experience?

Investing in bullion can be daunting, trust our specialist team to handle it for you.

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot

Diversify Your Assets With a Monthly Subscription Box

Maximize Your Wealth with Gold, Silver, Bullion, and Coins from BullionBox. Our precious metals subscription box helps you amass a valuable collection of real assets, paving the way for a stable and prosperous financial future.

Great Value

Our team of bullion experts carefully selects only the purest and highest quality precious metals available. Rest assured, you will receive the finest silver, copper, and gold, delivered straight to your door.


Getting your own BullionBox is a breeze. Our sign-up process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Experience the simplicity for yourself.

Failsafe Delivery

Each month, your tailor-made BullionBox will be delivered directly to your doorstep. Included is an information card that provides detailed explanations about each piece of precious metal.

How Does it Work?

Creating a collection of precious metals can seem challenging and overwhelming when undertaken alone. Our mission is to simplify and ease the process of investing in bullion.



Choose Your Subscription

Pick a tier that works for you.

Choose the tier that works for you, choose if you’d like to pay monthly or annually and you’re good to go!


We’ll Build Your Box

We’ll curate your box.

Our expert team meticulously curates our precious metal subscription boxes, sourcing only the highest-quality metals to maximize your investment.


Delivery to Your Door

Enjoy your delivery.

You’ve embarked on your path to financial freedom. Each month, your BullionBox will arrive at your doorstep, helping you build your collection of secure assets and diversify your portfolio.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Deciding how to invest your hard-earned money can be intimidating, especially with numerous agencies that might mislead you.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming one of the top gold and bullion companies in the USA. Let us assist you in building your future.

What we do


You’re our number one priority, we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry.


Our precious metals are sourced from around the world, each piece is vetted for quality.


We keep things simple, our sign-up process is seamless and easy to navigate.


Precious metals are inflation-hedging investments, we’ll be your expert guides.

What we don't do


We’ll never misguide you, our team of experts will help you make the best investment.


We don’t take prisoners, if you’re on a monthly BullionBox you can cancel anytime,


You’ll never get bored of our selection, we source our bullion from around the world.


We don’t do one-size-fits-all, your BullionBox will be custom-made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a BullionBox subscription worth it? Absolutely! Our service caters to the unique preferences of each investor, ensuring you receive precisely what you’re seeking.

Whether you’re interested in expanding your collection with silver coins, exploring monthly gold deliveries, or any other precious metal investments, our tailored boxes are designed to maximize your satisfaction and investment value.

Every monthly BullionBox is carefully curated to meet your investment preferences and enhance your precious metal portfolio.

From exclusive silver and gold pieces to unique copper and platinum bullion, each box is customized to help you build and diversify your collection according to your specific interests

Starter Tier: This is designed for those new to precious metals. It includes carefully selected silver bars and rounds ranging from fractional to one ounce pieces, along with an educational information card. The cost is $59 per month.

Premiere Tier: Aimed at those looking to quickly diversify their collection with rare and premium hand-curated silver, including a range of silver coins, rounds, and bars. One gram to one ounce pieces are included, alongside an educational card. This tier is priced at $125 per month.

Seasoned Tier: For investors looking for aggressive growth, this tier provides hand-curated fractional gold, silver, and occasionally platinum. It includes pieces from the rare premium range and rare limited edition collectors’ pieces, plus an educational card and free shipping. The cost is $250 per month.

Distinguished Tier: Designed for exponential growth in your investment, this tier includes prestigious hand-curated gold, silver, and occasionally platinum. It features the best quality and hard-to-source pieces, rare limited edition items, an educational card, and free shipping. This tier is available for $500 per month.

GMRgold is a respected precious metals advisory firm that offers a variety of services to help investors diversify their portfolios with precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They specialize in selling gold bullion coins and also provide services for buying, selling, and trading other precious metals. With over a decade of experience and a commitment to high ethical standards, GMRgold provides expert guidance to investors of all sizes, ensuring a transparent and personalized investing experience.

Their team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the precious metals market, and they are recognized for their integrity and customer-focused approach. GMRgold is known for its thorough inspection of products to guarantee accuracy and purity, making them a reliable choice for investors looking to purchase or trade precious metals. They also offer a variety of IRA-eligible coins and bars for those interested in Gold IRAs, providing a comprehensive guide to help with the setup process.

Considering a silver and gold subscription box? This approach simplifies your journey into precious metals investing. Each box delivers a variety of expertly selected silver and gold pieces, enabling you to gradually build a diverse and resilient investment portfolio. This service is perfect for those who want a hassle-free way to accumulate valuable assets over time, with each piece chosen to support long-term wealth growth.

Precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, palladium, and platinum, are rare and naturally occurring metallic chemical elements that hold significant economic value. These metals have been sought after and traded for centuries due to their intrinsic properties, such as conductivity, malleability, and resistance to corrosion. Their scarcity and aesthetic appeal have made them symbols of wealth and important components in various industries, from jewelry and coinage to electronics and investment portfolios.

Customer Service

In our core is service. We care for your investments and take pleasure in fortifying your assets the right way.


Our experts always take into account market analytics to determine what coins will give you significant returns.