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It’s never too early to start planning for a successful future, and that means protecting your wealth and assets. We can help you prepare for that future with premium platinum bars.

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Are You Struggling to Buy Platinum Bars?

Platinum bars are always in high demand, meaning there are plenty of places to find sellers, but not all of them are reliable. At BullionBox, you can trust us to help you achieve all of your goals because we put our customers first.

Burden Free

Burden Free

We take away any and all hassles, making it easier than ever to purchase platinum bars.
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Highly Accessible

Highly Accessible

Whether you’re a new collector or you’re more experienced, we make the entire process easy.
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Totally Online

Totally Online

You can sign-up for a platinum bar subscription from the comfort of your home, we’ll handle everything.
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Think Inside The Box

We’re Here For You

Building your long-term wealth and protecting your assets is important to you, and diversifying your portfolio with platinum bars from BullionBox is a great way to do just that. 

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot

700+ Reviews From Trustpilot


We’re Here to Guide Your Journey

As a smart collector, you know that having a diverse bullion collection is the best way to plan for a comfortable future.

You can count on our team of experts to guide you from day one onwards.

Diversify Your Portfolio

We source only the best and purest bars of platinum on the market. We quality-check every single bar, our experts guarantee that the box delivered to your door has everything you need.


1 Oz Platinum Bars
With Your Monthly Boxes

We are your best investment partner. Be our client and get only the best-value metals. All we want is for you to have an extraordinary collection.

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For your holdings to be safe, you have to own precious physical metals. These stabilize your assets and are an intelligent form of storing your wealth.



Hedge your finance from inflation.



Have an advantage in electronics.



Have higher-value precious metals.



Store for mechanical movements.

Delivering Premium Assets Excellent Bullion Boxes

Signing up with us to purchase gold bullion boxes can be the best and smartest decision you’ll ever make. We ensure that our customers only get the best metals, and our goal is to help you have the most secure portfolio for your future.

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Investment requires stability, and physical assets can give you that. It is wise to store your money on precious metals, and you can do it easy with us.




Invest in the best inflation-hedging precious metal.
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Own actual stocks of this highly-demanded industrial.
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Have this rare and hard-to-produce metal in your store.
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Diversify with more kinds of practical metals like this.
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How to Buy Gold Bullion, USA

Here in BullionBoxSubscriptions, we have removed every hassle and challenge that delays you from investing in gold coins. We give you an easy way of getting valuable precious metal coins without stepping outside. We have the best gold coins to buy online for the betterment of your investments.

Pick a Subscription

We have tiers worth $19 to $500.


We Curate Your Bullion

Experts carefully pick the best pieces for you.


Get Your Package

Enjoy your box as it arrives at your doorstep.

How Does it Work?

We make it easier than ever to get into bullion collecting and trading. If you’re looking for the best place to buy platinum bars, look no further than BullionBox.

Here’s how we get it done.



Choose Your Subscription

Choose the tier that works for you.

We have tiers to suit every goal, have a look though our subscription options and find the best one for you!


We’ll Build Your Box

We’ll expertly curate your box.

Our expert team carefully evaluate your specific needs in order to select the perfect bars for your subscription box, you can trust us.


Delivery Straight to Your Door

Enjoy your delivery.

All the hard work is done, at this point we’ll be ready to pack up your box and send it off to you. Get ready for your monthly platinum box, delivered straight to your door! n

We Set The Bar High

If you’re ready to start planning for your future by protecting your assets and stabilizing your wealth, we can guide you on your journey.

We’ve worked hard to build our subscription service to help you achieve all of your goals, we will never steer you wrong.

What we do


We put you first, your experience is so important to us. We’re here for you.


All of our platinum bars are evaluated carefully for quality, you can trust in their value.


We take care to source our platinum bars from the best places, we’re your one-stop-shop.


Platinum bars are valuable trading assets, we’ll help you start collecting and trading.

What we don't do


We don’t create generic boxes, your platinum bar subscription box is made uniquely for you.


We don’t overcomplicate our processes, you can complete your sign-up in a few minutes.


We’ll never guide you wrong, our experts have years of experience in the industry.


We don’t trap you, you’re free to cancel your monthly plan whenever you want to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum in itself is commodified across the map for its aesthetic value. Additionally, it plays a vital role in high-tech industries that make medical equipment.

If you own Platinum, you can sell it and profit well from it. Its non-corrosive nature makes it valuable in medical technology.

Development in medicine will require more high-tech apparatuses, which makes the demand for the metal eventually massive.

You should invest in platinum bars because they gain more value in the long run. In a practical sense, platinum bars are pretty easy to keep and organize.

Platinum is a precious metal that is soft, silvery-white, and dense with a beautiful luxurious sheen. With its malleability, ductility, high melting point, and non-corrosiveness being unaffected by air and common acids, it can be used in many different kinds of technologies.

Pl is commonly used as a catalyst for a myriad of chemical reactions. The most important use of platinum is in vehicles. It acts as a catalytic converter that facilitates the complete combustion of unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust.

Platinum is used in making jewelry, decorations, and dental equipment. The metal and its alloys are also utilized for electrical contacts, fine resistance wiring, and medical and laboratory instruments.

From platinum bullion coins, to bars to rounds and beyond, there are many different ways to build your collection. Each asset has its benefits, but the strongest collections are diverse and you should consider adding a few different types of metals.

There are countless places to buy platinum, both in physical stores and online, but you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a seller you can trust.

We have built a reputation in our industry for being reliable, trustworthy and transparent about our processes. Don’t just take our word for it, read some reviews from our happy customers from around the country.

Quality Guaranteed

Our experts have years of training and experience in the industry. Their extensive knowledge gives them everything they need to carefully evaluate and assess every platinum bar put into your box. You’ll get nothing but the best from us.

Unmatched Service

If you’re not totally satisfied with the level of service that we have provided, then we have not achieved our mission. We put our customers first.

Perfectly Curated

Our experts consider everything when curating your box, from your needs to market analytics and beyond. Every bar that you received is carefully selected just for you.

Simple Sign-up

We make our sign-up process very simple and easy to navigate. When it comes to payment, we accept all major credit cards and standard debit cards. Get started in just a few minutes.