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Why Buy Gold: Secure Your Financial Position

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10 Facts That Answer the Question: “Why Buy Gold?”

Why buy gold? You might have heard these past many months that plenty of people have been interested to invest in gold.

2020 has shaken the economy, and people have turned to understand why buy gold to keep their financial security stable.

It’s no secret that gold is a highly valued sentimental commodity. It is too impractical for massive industrial use because of its significantly high premium, but it is highly wanted by everyone.

Since the dawn of humanity, civilizations, religions, authorities, and other influential groups have placed reverence upon the metal. Until now, it is associated with power, prosperity, abundance, dominion, and the top of the hierarchy.

Religions have “sacred reasons” as to why buy gold. They have adorned cathedrals, mosques, temples, statues of deities, and other places and trinkets of worship with gold.

Today, smart investors are collecting physical gold assets to protect themselves from inflation, deflation, and other economic downswings that drop the dollar’s value. Many beginner investors have followed suit and started to invest, understanding why buy gold bullion and its benefits.

The question is, is gold a safe investment – why buy gold?


Here Are TEN REASONS Why Buy Gold and Invest in Gold Bullion.

You get more “interest” than from bank savings when you buy gold.
You can easily “withdraw” cash from your gold collection.
Bullion contains .999 gold.
It protects you from economic volatility.
The price of gold will continuously rise.
Gold bullion is easy to manage.
Bullion gives you needed denominations.
Gold has niche markets you can leverage.
Bullion can have high added value.
It is significantly straightforward to acquire today.

Reason No. 1: You get more “interest” than from bank savings – a practical reason why buy gold.

You can treat this first item more like a tip on how to invest in gold than just a fact. It is an excellent vessel for savings – the perfectly simple reason why buy gold.

First of all, the bank will only give you at most .60% annual interest for your savings, while gold since 2018 has been rising up to 20% per year. That’s 30+% times more!

Also, bank savings like a time deposit disallows you from using your money until the date stated in your terms and conditions. You won’t be able to use your money during emergencies if it’s not time for you to withdraw it.

When you invest in gold bullion instead, you can pawn or sell a certain amount of gold anytime you need money. Buy gold investments for significantly better savings than time deposits.

Reason No. 2: You can easily “withdraw” cash from your collection.

There is more than one way for you to invest in gold but, why buy gold bullion? It is the best way for many reasons, and one crucial advantage is control.

Here is a quick view of other ways to invest in gold and how bullion easily trumps them.

ETFs – Gold Exchange-Traded Funds

Gold ETFs or Exchange-Traded Funds is a scheme that allows you to buy stocks or shares from a company that trades gold – it is not a way to buy gold. The idea is for you to purchase shares when stocks are cheap and sell them when the value skyrockets.

There are many online ETFs for you to invest in gold. However, you won’t own any metal in this method, only stocks.

Why buy gold this way?

ETFs are a volatile and risky method to invest in gold. Stocks are sold and bought at fast rates by the day, making tracking trajectories hard if you don’t have the expertise.

It takes a lot of practice and luck if you are to go for this scheme. If you are unfortunate enough, the company you signed up with could fail its business, and you might lose your money entirely.

If you want to do ETFs, you can gain money quickly, but with the risk of losing it just as fast. You can protect yourself when you invest in gold bullion at the same time.

Is it better to buy gold or gold stocks?

Why buy gold bullion? It is better than stocks.

Gold Certificates

When you invest in gold certificates, you basically have a piece of paper that gives evidence that you are entitled to a certain amount of gold in a particular location. You technically buy gold and own it, but you will not have physical control over it.

You will have to pay regular keeping and storing fees for your asset. Only a few niche pawn shops will accept certificates.

When dire societal breakdowns happen, like a war, the company holding your asset will have to use your gold for their own survival. Also, nobody will trade food, shelter, protection, or passage with a piece of paper.

The Best Way to Invest in Gold – Buy Bullion

Bullion is the best way to invest in gold. You have complete control over your assets when you buy gold, and you can “withdraw” your money from it anytime.

When emergencies arise, you can always find a pawnshop or someone to exchange your gold for needed money. It is the most straightforward way to invest in gold.

You can buy stocks or shares with a mining company as an investment, but this method poses as much risk as any business. Plus, you will have to go through corporate processes just to get any amount of your money.

It is easy to get cash when you invest in gold bullion.

Reason No. 3: Why buy gold bullion? It contains .999 gold.

Bullion comes in smaller gold items like ¼ oz to 1 oz coins, bars, fractional items, and others. While the sizes are relatively small, bullion is .995 to .999 gold and will have a value as much as any standard-sized gold per weight.

If you have 1 kg of gold coins, it is as valuable as a 1 kg gold bar. So if you are wondering how valuable it is to invest in gold bullion when they are small, just think you are saving coins rather than bills.

Four hundred quarters equal a hundred dollar bill. You should see by now that this means that you can buy gold gradually and not spend too much at a time.

You can easily collect gold even if you’re on a budget through bullion. When you invest in gold bullion, you can do it a few at a time until you have a significantly high-value collection that will benefit you in the future.

Reason No. 4: Why buy gold today? It protects you from economic volatility.

Many people doubt and ask – is gold a good investment or why buy gold? Also, there have been, in the past years, critics and skeptics who have been scoffing at whom they call “gold buffs” who are over-prepping and buy gold for an impossible economic crisis.

However, 2020 had floored these naysayers when the performance of the commodity skyrocketed up to 16% in the middle of the year. The pandemic caused an economic downswing that hurt the dollar and scared investors who had to scramble to buy gold for protection.

When the Covid-19 pandemic broke out, financial experts and banking institutions saw the positive outlook on the metal and agreed that the prediction for the price of gold would continue to rise. The predictions were $1.891 per ounce for 2020, $2,124 for 2021, and $3,048 for 2025.

They were right. December 2020 closed with $1893.66 per ounce of gold, and even with the vaccine around, the unpredictability of the economy and global health situation gives no guarantee of normalcy.

Gold’s rise should be a good enough reason why buy gold bullion or invest in gold.

Reason No. 5: The price of gold will continue to rise.

In 2020, because of many factors affecting the economy, August saw the value at $2,067.15, which is the highest price of gold in history – one big hook giving more reason why buy gold. Those who chose to buy gold at least two months prior and sold at the event would’ve had profited significantly.

If you are still wondering why buy gold or is it good to invest in gold or not because it seems like the metal is good to sell during economic crises, remember that many markets require the commodity. While it is right to say that gold will perform best when the dollar drops, its market demand shouldn’t be dismissed.

In 2015, gold was priced at $1158.86, then slowly rose annually, coming to $1244.40 in 2018 and to $1519.50 in 2019. 

There was no pandemic to give the value a dramatic boost as 2020, but you should see that the metal has significantly risen. This should tell you more about why buy gold – gold always has demand.

Emerging economies and markets and the unstoppable world population growth will continue to add more people to commodify the metal and buy gold. There will be more jewelry, investors, electronics, dental applications, and other market ends that will demand the precious metal

Why buy gold Even when the economy continues to stay stable, there is a rising natural demand for the commodity that will always give those who invest in gold financial leverage and security.

Reason No. 6: Why buy gold bullion? It is easy to manage.

Here is one of the most crucial questions we should answer – why buy gold bullion or is gold a safe investment? The answer is a slapping yes when you do it the right way.

Gold ETFs are risky, and you won’t have control over your mining stocks and gold assets with certificates. Why buy gold these watts when these investments are not very safe and are very complicated?

When you invest in gold bullion, you will have actual gold in your store that you can manage and dispose of anytime you need cash. Also, bullion items are relatively small to medium in size, and so it won’t take too much space in your house.

You will only have to heighten security when you already have a significantly large amount of bullion. The best way is for you to become discreet, use a reliable safe, and have security measures where you keep your assets.

Have camera monitoring and install alarms in your storage. Also, make sure you buy gold from a company that delivers with discrete, unlabelled packaging.

One of the best things about gold bullion is that they are non-corrosive. Meaning, there’s no need for special treatment to keep the quality of your metal – regular wiping should be all you need.

Reason No. 7: Why buy gold bullion? You get needed denominations.

Why buy gold bullion instead of standard bars? If you buy gold that is a 10oz bar, then one day you need emergency money equal to the value of 5oz of gold, you would have to find someone with smaller denominations or melt your item just to sell the exact amount.

Or else, you will end up having to dispose of the entire bar and miss out on the opportunity to store the half you wanted to keep for another day of profit.

When you invest in gold bullion, you have smaller denominations that make it easier for you to calculate the exact amount you need every time. If you need emergency money equivalent to 5oz of gold, just sell five of your 1 oz American Eagle coins.

Reason No. 8: Gold has niche markets you can leverage.

Why buy gold as an investment and who will buy it from you when you need cash? Remember that there is a wide array of interests surrounding gold, and you can tap many potentials with more kinds of bullion.

When you invest in gold bullion, the best option you would have is monthly Bullion Box Subscription deliveries.

This way, you can subscribe and acquire monthly curated boxes containing a combination of valuable gold and other precious bullion metals, like silver and platinum, even copper.

You will be able to buy gold online in the form of coins, bars, fractional gold, hand-poured trinkets, and other unique items. With coins alone, the numismatic genre has its specific sub-niches. 

There are dedicated collectors looking for rare and common commemoratives, particular mintage, and other exciting gold items. Some enthusiasts look for unique international bullion that you can also get from your monthly boxes.

The more kinds of precious metal you have, the more market opportunities you open yourself to. This diversifies your assets even more by allowing you to have endless options to sell gold.

Reason No. 9: Why buy gold bullion? Some items can have high added value.

When you buy gold bullion, you have the chance to own commemorative coins, special mints, and items with cultural or historical merit. The added sentimental value on your assets will go on top of their price per weight all the more reason why buy gold bullion.

When you invest in gold with bullion, you have a chance to keep items that one day might come about as rare, allowing you to reap excellent harvests in future auctions or trades.

Reason No. 10: It is significantly straightforward to acquire today.

We hope you are already simmering with interest about why buy gold and invest in gold bullion. If you are wondering, “How do I start investing in gold?” then we got your back.

If you wanted to invest in gold in the pre-digital days, you would’ve had to go to a physical store and go through catalogs full of technical jargon that require you to be somewhat an expert.

It took a significant amount of research and sourcing if a person were to own the right items.

You would’ve had to physically travel from one location to another and put your life at risk by driving around with high-value items in your transport.

Why buy gold today? You can easily buy gold bullion online.

However, most stores still make you do technical work. Many e-stores present you with endless menus that take someone knowledgeable to understand. 

A store like that, as long as it is reliable can be an excellent source for you if you have significant experience and knowledge to invest in gold.

Other sites could be fraudulent, and you might end up buying counterfeit gold. Do not settle for less and trust only the USA’s most demanded source of gold.

So, how do beginners buy gold?

Why buy gold and where to get it if you don’t have the experience? The answer is, BullionBox.

We have five subscription options from $19 to $500. We can match anyone’s budget – beginner to expert.

At the least, you can start collecting fractional silver until you have an excellent store that will allow you to go up another tier and finally buy gold with your crates. With our top-level, you can get rare gold coins alongside other excellent-value bullion.

We curate your monthly boxes with market precision, looking at the gold price and other affecting factors. Then, we select which ones have the better outlook to give you more value in the future.

All that you need to do to buy gold online from us is pick an option, subscribe and wait. We are your best and easiest way to invest in gold and enjoy a prosperous future now you shouldn’t find any reason why buy gold elsewhere.

All that you need to do to buy gold online from us is pick an option, subscribe and wait.

Why buy gold from us? We are your best and easiest way to invest in gold and enjoy a prosperous future.

If you need help starting to invest in gold, want to learn more about why buy gold, or are looking for the right option to become able to invest in gold, leave us your contact details, and we’ll reach out to you.


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