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Are Bullion Coins Legal Tender?

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10 Facts You Need to Know About Legal Tender Bullion Coins

The pandemic of 2020 has almost brought world economies to collapse.

The unfortunate events of that year led investors to seek hedge funds that will protect them from losing money from failing stocks, bonds, ETFs, business, and other holdings dependent on the dollar value.

A number of regular citizens have also started to look for similar ways to go around the economic downswing, and bullion has become an excellent safe-haven people have found reliable. After all, owning bullion is as protective as any physical precious metals investment.

Even the skeptics were blown away by how gold has proven itself an excellent hedge fund during a year like 2020. In August 2020, the price of gold per ounce hit a record-breaking $1,917.90, the highest value for the precious metal that humanity has ever seen.

With the vaccine coming in but new strains of the virus popping up, the uncertainty for the economy continues to loom. Financial climates are still at unrest with the threat of another lockdown.

Gold experts place the outlook for the value to rise up to $2,124 closing 2021, climbing to $3,048 come 2025. Investing in physical gold assets is a protective measure that anyone should consider today.

Because of these predictions, interest has placed bullion in the spotlight. It is an easy and reasonable way to collect precious metals as hedge funds.

The most popular kind of bullion is coins. There are collectors’ item coins, government mints, private mints, and those with and without face value.

Many Bullion Coins Are Legal Tenders.
US Mint Gold Bullion Are Excellent Items.
You Can Benefit From US Mint Silver Coins.
Fractional Gold and Silver Can Still Have Face Value.
US Commemorative Coins Are Great to Collect.
International Bullion Coins Are Excellent Investments.
Some Bullion Coins Are Extremely In-Demand.
The More Kinds of Coins You Have, the Better Your Investment.
Bullion Coins Are Excellent for Getting Fast Cash.
Collecting Bullion Coins is an Excellent Yet Easy Way to Invest.

Coin Fact No. 1: Many Bullion Coins Are Legal Tenders.

Bullion coins can sometimes carry face value as legal tender.

The face value of legal tender bullion is minted on the coin. The minting of the face value is what bestows legal tender status on a coin.

Legal tender bullion is generally easier to import or export across countries because they are “money”. These coins are also subject to more laws and restrictions against counterfeiting.

The real value of legal tender bullion coins is dictated by their troy weight rather than the face value. This means that a bullion coin marked $1 but contains 1/2oz of gold will cost $918.95 instead of one dollar based on the gold price today.

The price will also have more or less depending on the prevailing premium that the market is willing to pay for particular bullion coins. There are rare ones, collectors’ items, and historically or culturally significant coins that may raise the price.

The face value of a legal tender bullion coin is significantly less than its bullion value. 

Coin Fact No. 2: US Mint Gold Bullion Are Excellent Items.

All US mint gold coins and US mint silver coins, including others made of platinum and some copper, are legal tender coins. There are popular US Mint gold coins available to buy that will be excellent as precious metals investments.

1993 Double Eagle

US mint gold coins with 90% gold and 10% copper with a face value of $20.

US Gold Buffalo

US mint gold coins with a 24-karat gold bullion coin with a face value of $50.

American Gold Eagle

These US mint gold coins come in 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz with face values of $5, $10, $25, and $50, respectively.

Liberty Head Double Eagle

US mint gold coins with 34.4g gold and a face value of $20.

Other US Mint Gold Bullion Coins in the Market

  • American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin
  • Union Coin
  • American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
  • Turban Head Eagle
  • Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins
  • Three-Dollar Piece
  • Baltimore Gold Hoard
  • US Stella Coin
  • Beaver Coins
  • Quarter Eagle
  • Brasher Doubloon
  • Panama–Pacific Commemorative Coins
  • Classic Head Quarter Eagle
  • McKinley Birthplace Memorial Gold Dollar
  • Gold Dollar
  • Louisiana Purchase Exposition Gold Dollar
  • Half Eagle
  • Half Union
  • Liberty Head Double Eagle
  • Indian Head Eagle
  • Lewis and Clark Exposition Gold Dollar
  • Jamestown 400th Anniversary Half Eagle

Coin Fact No. 3: You Can Benefit From US Mint Silver Coins.

With silver coins in an inventory, an investor will have lower-value bullion that can expand a collection’s denominations. The more differentiated the denominations are, the easier it is for an owner to calculate an exact amount to trade or sell.

Here are the popular US Mint silver bullion coins available in the market.

American Silver Eagle

It is 31.1 grams of silver with a face value of $1.

America the Beautiful Silver Bullion Coins

These coins are made with five troy ounces of silver with a face value of 25 cents.

Morgan Dollar

The Morgan Dollar coins were minted from 1878 to 1904, then in 1921 and 202. They have a face value of one dollar, weighing 26.73g of 80% silver and 10% copper.

Peace Dollar

Peace Dollar coins were minted in the US from 1921 to 1928. The minting was continued in 1934 and 1935 and is produced as a commemorative in 2021.

Each Peace Dollar contains .77344 troy ounces of silver and has a face value of one dollar.

Other US Mint Silver Bullion Coins

  • Alabama Centennial Half Dollar
  • Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Silver Dollar
  • Barber Coinage
  • Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins
  • Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar
  • California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar
  • Bridgeport, Connecticut, Centennial Half Dollar
  • Cleveland Centennial Half Dollar
  • Cincinnati Musical Center Half Dollar
  • Connecticut Tercentenary Half Dollar
  • Draped Bust Dollar
  • Continental Currency Dollar Coin
  • Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar
  • Franklin Half Dollar
  • Elgin, Illinois, Centennial Half Dollar
  • George Washington 250th Anniversary Half Dollar
  • Grant Memorial Coinage
  • Gobrecht Dollar
  • Hawaii Sesquicentennial Half Dollar
  • Jamestown 400th Anniversary Silver Dollar
  • Huguenot-Walloon Half Dollar
  • Library of Congress Silver Dollar
  • Lexington–Concord Sesquicentennial Half Dollar
  • Little Rock Central High School Desegregation Silver Dollar
  • Louis Braille Bicentennial Silver Dollar
  • 1984 Summer Olympics Commemorative Coins
  • Maine Centennial Half Dollar
  • Monroe Doctrine Centennial Half Dollar
  • Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Silver Dollar
  • New Rochelle 250th Anniversary Half Dollar
  • Pilgrim Tercentenary Half Dollar
  • Oregon Trail Memorial Half Dollar
  • Seated Liberty Dollar
  • Stone Mountain Memorial Half Dollar
  • Texas Centennial Half Dollar
  • The United States Seated Liberty Coinage
  • Trade Dollar
  • West Point Bicentennial Silver Dollar
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Coin Fact No. 4: Fractional Gold and Silver Can Still Have Face Value.

Fractional coins are bullion coins that contain 1/2, 1/4, or 1/10 silver or gold, or other precious metals like platinum and semi-precious metal, i.e., copper. Even though they are smaller than typical precious metals coins, fractional bullion coins can come from government mints.

For example, the American Gold Eagle has fractional sizes for its $5 to $25 denominations. The incredible thing about getting fractional gold and silver is the further expansion of the denomination of a collection.

Coin Fact No. 5: US Commemorative Coins Are Great to Collect.

Any US bullion coin with a dollar value minted on it is legal tender. Hence, all commemorative bullion coins from the US Mint are legal tender.

Since these bullion coins are fractional or using less than a troy ounce of gold or silver, they are more affordable to collect. However, they become more valuable the longer you hold on to them.

What’s excellent about commemorative coins is that, in time, they become more valuable because of their collectibility. They tend to become rarer the longer they exist, adding more premiums to their price.

There are excellent fractional gold and silver available in the market.


  • Silver Quarters
  • Silver Half Dollars
  • Copper Half Dollars
  • Gold Dollars
  • Silver Dollars
  • The Quarter Eagle
  • Half Eagle
  • The $10 Eagle
  • Half Union Coin

Coin Fact No. 6: International Bullion Coins Are Excellent Investments.

Some bullion coins minted out of the US are legal tender, and some are not. However, they are all excellent to buy for a precious metals investment as they open an owner to more market niches.

The more kinds an investor owns, the more opportunity for trade and profit.

UK sovereign coins are examples of legal tender bullion that are minted outside of the United States. They have the Reigning British Monarch coins and Saint George and the Dragon mints that both have the face value of one sterling pound.

The Chinese Gold Panda is another excellent overseas coin to collect. They have 1oz coins, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, and 1/20, given a face value of 100 yuan, then 50, 25, 10, and 5yuan.

Coin Fact No. 7: Some Bullion Coins Are Extremely In-Demand.

Because the designs of some gold and silver bullion coins are highly regarded, and the events related to them can be significantly notable, there will be numismatic bullion coins that are more wanted than others. 

The most recent top-value selling of a coin was a 1933 Double Eagle at $7.6 Million.

There are only twenty pieces of the 1933 Double Eagle coins in existence, making them rare and at the top of premiums.

There are also collectors who dedicate their buying to one or only a few sets of mints. If an investor chooses to order an excellent mix of bullion, there is a high chance that he will own something that someone else could be highly interested in.

Coin Fact No. 8: The More Kinds of Coins You Have, the Better Your Investment.

Whether you are getting legal tender bullion or not, it would be wisest to accept any. The more kinds of bullion you have, the more opportunity for you to trade and profit.

Plus, with coins of different values, you will have excellent denominations for your collection.

Coin Fact No. 9: Bullion Coins Are Excellent for Getting Fast Cash.

If you own a 10oz gold bar but only want to sell a gold value the amount of only 2oz, it would be a hassle to have to find someone to exchange your whole item. Urgencies should be attended to at once, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time.

If you have ten pieces of 1oz gold coins instead, you can go and pawn or sell two pieces of them and make a quick buck for your emergency.

Coin Fact No. 10: Collecting Bullion Coins is an Excellent Yet Easy Way to Invest.

When you own precious metals, you can protect yourself from inflation and other economic downswings. When the dollar drops and your stocks, bonds, real estate, or business starts to crumble, the price of the gold you are holding will soar high.

Even without economic volatilities, owning precious metals, especially gold coins, is an excellent investment. You can earn up to an average of 20% a year from saving in the form of gold – not shabby when compared to a bank’s .60% maximum interest.

With coins, you get excellent denominations making it easy for you to get cash out of it during an emergency. Luckily, now is a perfect time to buy gold bullion the easy way.

With Bullion Box Subscriptions, we will curate monthly boxes for you. You no longer have to go through technical jargon-ridden website catalogs.

You only have to pick an option and place the order. Then, we will make sure that you get the best bullion that you deserve every month – with US mint gold and US mint silver, including only the best precious metals US mint coins in the market.

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