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Buy Gold the Right Way: A Beginner’s Guide to Bullion

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Everything You Need to Know if You Are New to Precious Metals Investments

If you are new to investing in precious metals or just have heard about people who buy gold online, you are on the right page. While this kind of investment can be easy as it gets, it would be wise for you to understand a few things to make you feel more confident in your precious metals journey.

We understand that most people who just want to buy gold and have secure holdings are not experts, unlike collectors, precious metals enthusiasts, pawn specialists, and other experienced individuals. Many people who are starting to look into bullion are like you – a business owner, employee, or someone only in need of a better way to save money.

You don’t have to become an economic analyst or numismatics expert to benefit from collecting precious metals.

All you need are the necessary but vital information that will genuinely help you.

Whether you are looking for where to buy gold in the USA, wondering about gold prices, learning about how to buy gold bullion, how to buy gold online, or how to buy gold for investment, you will find vital information in this article.

Here are TEN FACTS you need to know if you are looking to buy gold – A Beginner’s Guide to Bullion
Bullion is .999 pure precious metal.You can benefit if you buy gold and other metals in different kinds and sizes.Physical precious metals holdings are better than saving in a bank.Gold bullion can sell higher than non-minted precious metals.Bullion, especially gold, is an undying sentimental commodity.There is practical demand for precious metals.2020 has proven bullion to be an essential contingency.To buy gold used to be arduous.Owning bullion is low risk.It is the most convenient investment today.

FACT No. 1: Bullion is .999 pure precious metal.

While bullion precious metals are relatively small, their amount of gold or silver per ounce is the same as any standard. Each bullion has .995 to .999 gold or silver, meaning a one-kilo bar will be worth as much as one-kilo of many pieces of coins.

FACT No. 2: You can benefit if you buy gold and other metals in different kinds and sizes.

Of course, one of the things you might have heard being discussed when you first learned about people who buy gold for investment is the term “portfolio diversification.” It means that when you own stocks, a business, ETFs, or other assets that can be affected by a falling dollar, you can use gold and other metals as a contingency.

Gold, most significantly, can hedge you from inflation, deflation, recession, or any economic downswing that makes the dollar lose value. If your assets are failing because of the volatilities of the economy, you can depend on your gold to protect your money.

Portfolio diversification means that you are investing in different types that can supplement each other. 

While stocks can give you a chance at drastic returns, it can fail during inflation. With gold as a contingency asset, you will save yourself from losing everything.

The same supplementary ability also works when you own different kinds of precious metals. When you order bullion from a monthly delivery subscription site, you will hold various sizes and types. 

You can buy gold, silver, platinum, and even copper in sizes ranging from ¼ oz to 1oz or more. You will have coins, bars, fractional metals, rounds, hand-poured items, and even collector’s bullets.

With coins alone, you’ll get different types. You will have legal tender, commemorative pieces, private-minted ones, collector’s items, and more.

Diversified Precious Metals

Gold is an excellent hedge fund, worth and it is the best metal for you to store as an investment. Its value has an ideal steady climb and anytime is an excellent time to get gold.

While the prices of gold skyrocket during a falling dollar, platinum can double its price when the economy stabilizes. When you own platinum, you can get significantly excellent returns during economic normalcy.

When you have silver in your collection, you will be able to tap into the industrial market as the metal is used more than gold in electronics. Because gold poses higher premiums, factories turn to silver as a more practical alternative.

When you have copper bullion, you will have significantly less valuable pieces, but they will help stretch the divisibility of your collection’s value.

More Niches

With different shapes of bullion, you will be able to trade with individuals of diverse interests. Some collectors only want commemoratives, and others want a specific type of coin.

If you have many types, you will always find someone who is looking for what you have.


With different sizes, you can subdivide your metals most excellently. If you only have a one-kilo gold bar but urgently need money only equal to half its value, you would have to find someone to give you two half ones before you can pawn or sell.

With smaller sizes and differently-valued items, it will be easy for you to calculate an exact amount.

When you order bullion deliveries, you will not be limited to one kind of precious metal and one type and size of collectible. You will have different shapes, sizes, and varieties that will allow you to tap into more markets and niches and effectively subdivide your collection’s value.

FACT No. 3: Physical precious metals holdings are better than saving in a bank.

The highest interest you’ll get from your bank savings will be .60% per annum. Since 2018, the price of gold has risen up to an average of 20%.

If you buy gold instead of opening a bank account purely for savings, you will grow your money’s value significantly more. Getting precious metals is excellent for college savings, preparation for retirement, or passing on an inheritance.

Also, when you have your money in a bank via a time deposit, it will be significantly troublesome for you to get your money back during an emergency. When you buy gold instead, it will be straightforward for you to pawn or sell your holdings.

FACT No. 4: Bullion can sell higher than non-minted precious metals.

Non-minted precious metals like straight gold bars are excellent to collect as investments. However, if you own bullion, you will have the chance to own pieces with significant added value.

Some commemorative coins and other bullion have cultural or historical merit that makes them more enticing to collectors. Some pieces are rare, and their scarcity increases their demand.

This added value goes on top of the original gold per weight price. With bullion, you can get these items and have an edge in the collector’s market.

FACT No. 5: Bullion, especially gold, is an undying sentimental commodity.

People have always been and will continue to value gold and other precious metals. Since history and before, gold has been used to revere supreme powers, with religions, kingdoms, cultures, and civilizations regarding the metal as a symbol of superiority.

Until now, cathedrals, mosques, temples, and other places of worship are adorned with precious metals. People use jewelry to display their wealth and status.

Humans regard gold as a thing of beauty – lustrous, extravagant, and beautiful. We are naturally inclined to be drawn to things that make us feel grandiose.

The way humans value precious metals will continue to the far future. The love for gold will always be part of our culture.

Even if one day, when the little chance that people will reject the beauty of precious metals happens, they still have an essential place in the electronics industry.

FACT No. 6: There is practical demand for precious metals.

Gold is highly conductive of heat and electricity, plus, it is non-corrosive. Hence, it is used in vital electrodes and connectors and is preferred for particular medical apparatuses.

Also, it has the perfect malleability and ductility makes it ideal for dental fillings.

Silver, like gold, is also excellent for electronics. However, it tarnishes and is not the best used for sensitive parts in medical machinery.

Most electronics you own have silver in them. Fridges, laptops, smartphones, smart TVs, speakers, air conditioners, cars, and others have silver in their electronic parts.

The metal is also antibacterial and is used in water treatment systems, wood processing, and others.

Platinum is highly needed as a catalyst in fuel cells. Also, like silver and gold, it is an excellent conductor that is significantly corrosion resistant.

The metal is used mostly for medical apparatuses and sensitive surgical machinery. It is preferred for parts that come in contact with sensitive body parts.

Copper is a staple metal in electronics. The metal is also fused with zinc to make brass, an alloy that has plenty of vital purposes.

FACT No. 7: 2020 has proven gold investments to be an essential contingency.

Some critics dismiss the idea of investing in gold and scoff at what they call “gold buffs,” saying they are paranoid and over-prepping for an impossible disaster. 2020 has back-slapped these naysayers as the metal skyrocketed to more than 16% in performance in the mid-year.

When Covid-19 shook things up, experts have put the outlook on the commodity up to $1.891 per ounce in 2020, $2,124 per ounce in 2021, and $3,048 per ounce in 2025. So far, they have been right. 

The metal closed at $1893.66 in December 2020, a big jump in value per ounce from 2019’s $1519.50 and 2018’s $1244.40.

The factors that have been affecting these dramatic rises are rooted in investors’ needs to secure value during volatile times. Whoever you are and whatever your financial needs might be, you should look into getting gold to protect yourself from inflation, deflation, or any economic plight.

The sooner you decide to get bullion, the lower you will pay for your gold, and the longer time you will have saved them as they increase in value.

FACT No. 8: Getting bullion used to be arduous.

In the olden days, getting gold was a literal journey. Miners used the earliest, crudest technologies that took plenty of time and transporting commodities used to be via months of travel. 

If you lived in the pre-electronic, non-digital days, you had to physically get out of your own way if you wanted to get gold. It would only become convenient for you once you have amassed an astonishing amount, which you can use to fund explorations and pay workers to make the acquisitions for you.

You had to find someone to help you appraise your items. Transportation and security were always also troubling logistics.

Basically, there used to be plenty of manual work required if you wanted to get gold during pre-digital days. However, today, you can quickly get bullion with no sweat.

While there are online stores that present you with a wide array of items, you can still get lost in tiresome catalogs and neverending menus full of technical jargon. You might also go to a fraudulent website or end up buying the wrong items if you don’t have enough expertise.

There is bullion that is the best to buy during a specific period. Also, there are items that can have an outlook of rarity.

If you have technical knowledge of bullion trends, you can go ahead and pick your items and buy gold from a reliable store. However, if you are someone who just wants to secure your finances conveniently and efficiently, the best way is to get bullion box subscriptions.

FACT No. 9: Owning bullion is low risk.

When you order monthly bullion box subscriptions, you don’t risk buying the wrong items or getting counterfeit precious metals.

Our experts curate your boxes monthly. We only pick the best ones and select using gold market research-based analysis.

We are experts in the movement of gold prices.

FACT No. 10: It is the most convenient investment today.

All you need to do is pick a subscription option.

We have a Starter option at $19 dollars whereby you can acquire fractional silver. This option is best for those on a budget but would like to have the necessary financial contingencies.

Our grandest option is our $500 Distinguished tier, where you get the most gold bullion and have the chance at getting your hands on rare items.

You can match your box with how much you are willing to pay. Just subscribe, and you can expect to receive expertly curated boxes every month.

All you need to do is wait and open your packages each time they arrive.


If you are looking for where to buy gold in the USA, Bullion Box Subscriptions is your most convenient choice. We are the easiest way for you to buy gold online together with other precious metals.

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