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Where To Buy Silver Bars

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Do you want to create assets for yourself? You might consider buying silver bars. They have lower premiums than silver coins. Moreover, silver bars are easier to store and appreciate better than gold bars. 

Have you wondered where and how to buy silver bars? Further, are you still perplexed as to why buying silver bars is the best asset creation form for you? Well, fret not; this article will tell you the best places to buy silver bars, plus, it will tell you how to buy them too. You’ll also know the advantages of buying silver bars. 

So, read this article and get enlightened regarding silver bars

Advantages of Buying Silver Bars

Before we dive into where and how to buy silver bars, let’s explore the advantages of buying silver bars. 

Buying silver bars can help you diversify your portfolio and generate generational wealth. Here are some benefits of buying silver bars. 

Less Premium Compared to Silver Coins

Silver bars have much lower premiums compared to silver coins. This is because silver coins involve intricacy in designs which leads to excess labor and machining costs. Plus, pretty coins are expensive to create. 

Here’s a comparison table that will better help you understand the premium difference between silver coins vs bars.

Weight Silver Coin Premium  Silver Bars Premium 
1 ounce  25.6% – 34.85% 7%
10 ounces  25.6% – 40% 6%

It will be a sound asset for you to buy a silver bar over silver coins because you can get more bars at a rate where you may get a single coin. Typically, a 10 oz silver bar costs as low as $292.90, whereas a 10 oz silver coin costs at least $323.19

So, buying silver bars is more profitable for you. Plus, you’ll be able to protect your wealth.  

Easy to Store 

Silver bars are easy to store compared to silver coins. You can stack them on top of each other. Plus, as you keep accumulating several ounces of silver, you’ll find it easier to store the bars compared to similar ounces of coins. 

Further, silver bars are portable, liquid, private, and last forever. You can use silver bars to sell when the value goes up and make a tidy profit. 

When you buy from reputable refiners, you get to choose your storage options too. So, you can store your silver bars easily. These rectangular bars are easy to keep in your vault, and it occupies less space than a monster box full of silver coins.  

Where to Buy Silver Bars

Now that you know the advantages of silver coins, let’s explore where to buy them. Not only will you know the tips on where to buy, but you’ll also know some of the best places to buy your silver bars. 

Some Professional Tips

When buying silver bars, you must ensure you buy from a reputable place. You might wonder what makes a silver bar refiner reputable, isn’t it? Well, here are some pointers to bear in mind:

  • Ensure that the bar you are buying has proper stamping. 
  • Make sure you buy from a place that offers you .9999 purity.
  • Check if the place you buy the silver bar from transparently states the weight and has unique serial numbers printed on their bars.
  • You must try to look for dealers that have greater volumes of production. You’ll be able to get a better deal. 
  • Ensure that the refiners have multiple payment options. Several dealers offer payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, PayPal, money order, checks, and more. 
  • Compare two-three dealers before picking the place to buy from 
  • You might want to consider purchasing silver bars online as they turn out to be cheaper due to lower overhead costs. 
  • You want to consider the ease of ordering, prompt delivery, customer service, buyback policies, and much more when choosing where you want to buy silver bars. 

It’s recommended you try at least two stores if you’re a first-timer. It will give you a better idea of which place gives you the best deal, customer service, or delivery. Plus, you’d have two sources vetted for your future buying of silver bars. 

The Best Place to Buy Silver Bar

You must bear the tips to buy silver bars, in mind. Here are some of the best places you can kickstart your asset creation. 

APMEX (American Precious Metals Exchange) 

American Precious Metals Exchange is a reputable online platform. They are one of the largest silver dealers in the USA. They offer competitive prices on their silver bars to help you make a tidy profit. 

APMEX does have any hidden charges and offers you financial-planning services too. They will ensure your wealth is protected and help you build generational wealth. 

International Trade Bullion 

International Trade Bullion is one of the famous silver bar refineries based out of Southwestern USA. They offer purity in the silver bars they sell. Plus, offer low premiums, state-of-the-art quality control, and exceptional service. 

Further, ITB is distributed exclusively by the USA’s Gold Bureau and its affiliated companies. Plus, they use 100% recycled silver in their refiner to ensure zero wastage. 

Money Metals Exchange 

Money Metals Exchange is a company that began in 2010 and is a reputable online silver bar dealer. They have low prices, and they offer asset starter packs. These starter packs have 120 ounces of silver and 1.1 ounces of gold. 

Further, they also offer you a monthly savings plan that starts at $100. You get delivery to your doorstep, or you can choose to store your silver bars with them. Plus, their customer service is impeccable. 

How to Buy Silver Bars

Now you know where to buy silver bars and the best places to buy them. You might wonder how to buy silver bars. Here are some things to bear in mind on how to buy silver bars:

  • As mentioned above, ensure you buy from a reputable place that sells pure silver
  • Decide between buying online or at your local refineries
  • Should you choose online, ensure you select a trustworthy place and add silver bars to your online cart. 
  • All you need to do is decide how you’ll pay and store
  • Ensure you bear in mind the current rate and premium on the silver bar before stockpiling on them


Silver bars are precious and help you create generational wealth. You need to ensure that you buy them from reputable refineries that offer you purity. Plus, ensure you have storage options and convenient shipping and customer service. 

By far, AMPEX is one of the best online platforms to buy your silver bars with their various options and ease of delivery. Further, the benefits of buying a silver bar outweigh the benefits of buying silver coins due to the premium and storage options. 

So, read this article and go to the best place to buy your silver bars.

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