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How To Invest In Gold

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A lot of people try to make extra money by investing in gold. Gold is a good investment because it can withstand inflation, changes in the value of currencies, and other changes in the world. There are two ways you can invest in gold: buy gold coins or bars and store them or invest in gold stocks and funds.

Buying Physical Gold

1. Set A Budget For Your Investment

Most investors’ wealth is not made up of gold. Invest no more than 20% of your funds in gold. If you have a little amount to invest, go for a 3–10% gold investment. Without tying up or risking too much wealth, your assets will be more diverse.


  • Calculate how much you can invest or buy.
  • When you buy gold in the future, look at the gold market value to see how much you get per ounce or gram.
  • As a rule, if you only have a small amount of money to invest, you should only invest 3 to 10% of your money in gold.

2. For Big, Long-Term Investments, Buy Gold Bars


If you want to invest a lot of money in gold, you might want to buy gold bars rather than a lot of gold coins. The purchase will be easier, and the gold will be easier to store and keep track of, making it better for everyone. If you think you might want to sell some of your investment down the road, you might not want to buy gold bars.

  • Look for small or private dealers that are selling gold.
  • Local shops may not have a lot of gold bullion in the form of bars.
  • It’s dangerous to look for things at pawn shops. The dealer might charge you too much or too little for the gold bars.
  • It’s better to buy gold bars at a local store because they can send them directly to you, rather than shipping them to a middleman so you can see the gold bar right away.
  • Make sure that the gold bar you bought is real. You want to make sure that the bars you bought have the right certification. This is what you want to do.
  • You should remember that gold bars are more difficult to sell and ship than coins.

3. Gold Coins Are For Convenience


For a long time, governments worldwide have been making a lot of gold coins. Coins are usually bought by investors from private dealers at a premium of about 1% to 5% above their gold value. In March 2020, that premium rose to 10%.

  • Their prices are easy to find in global financial publications.
  • They can be made in smaller sizes, like 1oz, making them easier to invest in gold than the bigger bars that can be bought at a store.
  • Reputable dealers can be found with very little searching, and they can be found in a lot of big cities.

4. Gold Jewelry


A big problem with investing in gold jewelry is that you pay a lot for the quality and popularity of each piece, which isn’t a good deal. Any piece of jewelry marked 14 karats or less will not be good for investing, and any resale for the purpose of investing will be harmed by the need to refine the gold.

  • You can get old or vintage gold for very little at estate sales and other auctions
  • Older pieces can be worth more because they were made by different people.

5. Find Trusted Gold Dealers

Before buying gold, look for a trusted vendor list. To protect your safety, select a dealer who has been inspected or endorsed by the authorities.

  • Many websites sell and buy gold, so make sure the dealer you choose is reliable.
  • Make sure you choose a good store that has been around for a long time to buy gold jewelry.
  • This is another place you can get a lot of gold jewelry, but be aware that auctions sell things that are sold “as is.” I don’t know how much they’re worth.
  • If you buy jewelry, keep all of the receipts in a safe place. If you buy something at an auction, don’t forget to add on a buyer’s premium and any sales tax.

6. Compare Gold Dealer Prices To Save Money.

To see the spot price of gold, look at exchange websites. This is how much it costs to buy gold now, based on how much gold is expected to be worth when it’s sold. The price of the item changes throughout the day. Compare the prices for gold that different dealers are offering, as well as the costs for delivery.

  • Don’t pay more than 5% more than the spot price for your gold.

7. Use Cash, Cashier’s Check, Or Bank Transaction To Buy Your Gold

The majority of gold buyers do not accept credit cards. Paying for your gold with a cashier’s check or a wire transfer is an option. Only your local bank has these cash choices. Most gold dealers don’t accept credit cards for safety reasons, so you can’t use them. Make a wire transfer or buy a cashier’s check if you don’t have enough money to pay for your gold. People who live near a bank can only get these cash alternatives there.

  • At gold dealer shops, you can buy gold. You can also buy gold online from reputable sellers who will send it to you.
  • Don’t forget to keep all of your receipts and get a confirmation of when the bullion arrives before you pay for it.

8. Keep Your Gold Safe In A Safe Deposit Box Or Safe At Home

As soon as you own physical gold, you will need to keep it safe from theft or loss. Get a safe deposit box at a bank to keep your gold safe. If you decide to keep the gold at home, buy a safe deposit box to keep it safe in case of theft or other emergencies.


  • If you keep your gold at home, you may face pricy insurance.
  • You want to make sure that the storage facility has real information, good reviews from other people, and is good at customer service.
  • Make sure to think about where the storage facility is. Are the gold bars close enough to see if you want? How often would you do these checks?
  • You should be able to get into and out of your chosen storage facility whenever you want, as long as you follow the rules.

Investing In Gold Stocks

1. To Make A Simple And Cheap Investment, Buy Into A Gold ETF

Gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are funds run by gold experts, which means that you will get strong professional advice about how to invest in gold. You can buy shares in a company that owns gold through an ETF. This means that you own gold. You and your financial advisor should talk about different types of ETFs to see if they’re worth adding to your investment plan.

stock graph

  • People who own shares in gold ETFs don’t own the gold itself.
  • ETF is a type of commodity that can be used to hedge gold commodity risk or get a piece of the gold market.
  • Each ETF will have its own costs. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations to find a good financial advisor.
  • ETFs are taxed.
  • ETF shares can be bought and sold on public stock markets.

2. Try Gold ETNs For A Riskier But High Return On Investment

Gold exchange-traded notes (gold ETNs) are fixed-term investments that pay returns based on the performance of the gold futures market. Because they give no main protection, you may make a fortune or lose it all. Talk to your financial counselor about this investment, which may or may not work for you.

  • Flexibility is another reason why ETNs are so useful. They can be traded for more money or sold and repurchased at a lower price.
  • ETNs track the underlying asset, index, or commodity exactly. However, ETFs may not perfectly match it and may have some inconsistencies.
  • Gold ETNs are a good way to invest in or trade gold without having to deal with futures or own real gold.
  • Gold ETNs are very popular because they don’t have any tracking errors as ETFs do, and they are one of the most liquid ETNs in the market, which makes them very popular.
  • Gold ETNs can be bought long or short, with or without a lot of money. They like the combination of leverage and how easy it is to invest, which is why so many traders like it.

3. Buy Gold Miner Stocks

Gold miner stocks let you invest in a gold miner. A gold mining company’s success determines your profit or loss. Check your gold miner stock investment alternatives with your financial advisor to see if the potential rewards are worth the risk.

  • Because the gold market can change quickly, this kind of investment is likely to give you a hard time.
  • Gold miner performance has been more closely linked to the stock market than the gold contract has been.


ETFs are the best way to do it for people who want to buy gold as part of a portfolio-diversification plan. On the other hand, it would be safe for you to own real metal in a system-wide crisis.

So that is how you buy gold in different ways. So what do you think about this guide? Are there any points I missed? Let me know more.

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